Saturday, December 15, 2007

Survivor 15x13

So, we now have the final four. But what did we get before that? The reward challenge was great, having Courtney win the game for Denise. The immunity challenge ended with Amanda winning, with Peih-Gee at a close second. So now comes the weekly "so called dilemma". You can usually tell if it's a fake dilemma, trying to add some tension to the show, or a real dilemma. I think the dilemma here was real, but the reasoning that people sometimes have shows that some people are not aware of the Survivor rules. Let's say you have someone who pissed off a lot of people in the Jury, and he gets to the final two. Let's say the second of the two is someone who piggy backed on someone to get to the final two. The Jury will rip that first person up in the Q&A session, but he will ultimately get their votes at the end. We have seen several such cases in recent years. If someone didn't do anything to deserve the $1 million, they won't get a vote.

So we have Todd, Courtney, Denise, Amanda. I believe that Todd can win against Courtney and Denise. I'm not sure he can win against Amanda.

I don't believe that Courtney can win in any case (god, I hope not!).

Denise can win against Courtney, but I don't think she could win against Amanda.

Amanda can beat everyone, except maybe Todd.

To conclude, the most interesting final two could be Todd vs. Amanda, but somehow I've got a feeling that it won't happen, and that it can go either way.

So, we're waiting for Sunday, but meantime, the first season of Survivor Israel starts on Saturday. They say it's almost a copy of the US show. The big difference is that there are a lot more episodes -there are going to be two episodes a week, with a tribal council once a week. It sounds very promising, and I hope they are up to par with the US show. You'll hear more of it tomorrow.

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