Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide: Books: Nikki Stafford

I wanted to recommend this book to Lost fans. I bought this book along with the official companion book. The official book, well, I didn't finish reading it. It wasn't that good.

Nikki Staffords' book on the other hand... a completely different story (pun intended :-). First of all, it's for the first two seasons together. Nikki summarizes each episode in a few words, and then analyses the episode in a very interesting way, and tying it up to different episodes. Each episode ends with interesting facts, translations, open questions, numbers, and more. Along the book she has profiles of the actors, and different references (books mentioned in the episodes, philosophers, whisper transcripts, and much much more). The book ends with several appendices, such as how everyone relates to everyone, information about the filming locations, and more.

Overall, a very interesting read. I'm currently waiting for her book of season 3 to arrive at my doorstep. Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide: Books: Nikki Stafford

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