Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cannot sync photos to iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

I ran into this problem which drove me crazy these last couple of days.
When I tried to sync photos to my iPhone or iPad, I would get this message:
Some of your photos, including the photo Photo.JPG were not copied to the iPhone because they cannot be displayed on your iPhone
At first I thought the problem was with specific photos, but then I saw that event photos that synced once do not sync now.
I have searched the web a while before I found the answer, which seems specific to Vista and Windows 7.

The main solution is to run iTunes as Administrator, and then the sync would work! You may need to delete the "iPod Photo Cache" folder which is in your photos sync folder before it would work, but in my case simply deleting it didn't help, and I needed to run as Administrator as well.

Hope this post saves you some time.