Friday, March 6, 2009

Safari 4 – my new default

After I wrote my last post in Windows Live Writer and published it, it opened up in Safari 4 Beta. Yep, it is now my default browser, so bye bye FF for now.

Lost 5x07-08 Thoughts

I’ve just watched both episodes back to back. Wow, so many thoughts. And spoilers ahead, so watch out below!




Lock is back on the Island. So are the O5, and so is Ben. But they are in two separate timelines. This is great stuff! Michelle from 24 is also there, as well as new survivors from the plane crash. Oh, and Ben killed Lock. That whole seen was plain awesome. I probably missed some important pieces of information, so I’m going to read about these two episodes soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Safari 4 Beta experience

First, an apology to my faithful reader for not writing for so long. I’m under a lot of pressure at work, and have hardly any time for anything fun :-(.

As you may have gathered, I like betas, and I particularly enjoy Apple’s new Safari 4 Beta. As other reviews have stated, it’s a very fast browser (IMHO, faster than FF3), and the Top Pages, and Cover Flow features are pretty cool. So far I haven’t had a single crash (now they will begin probably), so it appears quite stable. As I wrote above, I don’t have much free time, so my experience with it wasn’t very long. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!