Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Paul McCartney - More DVDs!

So, apart from Live at Olympia, I now have two other, which are a bit rare: Lightspeed - DVD 1 and DVD 2. Now, these are a bit old and contain the following:

  1. James Paul McCartney - a TV show from 1973 (starring, guess who + Wings).
  2. One Hand Clapping - From 1974. Paul + Wings in the studio, recording a live studio album.
  3. Wings Fly South - a Wings concert from Australia. This is from 1975, and basically is an earlier version of the famous Rockshow.

Up to now I've only had a brief chance to look at them. One Hand Clapping is pretty cool. I've never had a chance to see Wings in action (apart from Rockshow), and seeing them recording in a studio, is much different from seeing them in a concert.

I'm planning on seeing some of them this Friday. I think I'll start with Live at Olympia. Be sure I'll report back!

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