Friday, December 7, 2007

Big delay on TV shows. More time for Music

This blog is supposed to be mainly on TV shows. My last post was a week ago. This is what I haven't seen yet:

2 X Desperate Housewives

2 X Heroes

2 X Survivor

My better half is falling asleep early so we hardly see anything. I hope for a better TV week next week...

So for now, I'm hearing some new and old stuff. I got a hold of some Beatles bootlegs from the recordings of Let it Be. Some interesting stuff there.

I also got the new Neil Young CD - Chrome Dreams II. I like it quite a bit. I already have songs which are playing in my head. Some of the songs do not sound new, and have bits and pieces from his older songs.

For some reason, "The Way" sounds to me a bit like the "Weeds" theme song.

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