Monday, December 17, 2007

Survivor 15 Finale - Todd takes it all!

What a finale! I think it's the first survivor in a long time, that the person who won it was a serious contender from day one. Todd was not a physical player, but he was very strategic, and it worked for him very well (as opposed to Rob, not the Boston one). The thing that puzzled me the most though, was how Courtney got two votes. Though it is clear, as Frosti has a crash on her, and Denise couldn't vote to Amanda, after Amanda broke (and she certainly did that!) her word to her.

As for the jury questions, I think the best was when Todd answered J.R. question in a way that stopped him flat. You saw that he wanted to say something, but couldn't really. James had a big laugh!

Congratulations to Todd. He deserves it!

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