Monday, December 10, 2007

Survivor 15x11-12

Finally I got to see the last two episodes!

Episode 11 - the top man on the block is leaving town. James looks like a nice and honest guy. With these assets, two immunity idols, and strength, we were looking at an almost sure winner, and at 7 people to go, it's not fun to know who is the winner. So it was a very good move on Amanda's part to try and get rid of him. I also liked his last words, showing that he wasn't blaming anyone but himself. The remaining tribe members, as well as the jury seemed very very happy with themselves...

Episode 12 - that was a close call for Todd. Although the "sort of" tension, I didn't believe that Denis would vote against Todd. Denise is too nice to vote against anyone on her alliance, although her alliance didn't have any problem voting against James the previous episode. So Todd is still in, and Erik is gone. But looking at "next time on Survivor", it looks like Todd will be on the hotspot again. I can't wait to see that one.

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