Friday, November 30, 2007

This is what I'm not watching now

When the last TV season started, I've decided to pick up some new shows. The selected few were Back to You, Journeyman, Pushing Daisies, Reaper, and K-Ville. The only one I'm currently watching regularly (except for the last episode, is Back to You, for reasons noted earlier).

K-Ville was dropped like a fly. The few episodes that I saw were always ending in a too easy and unrealistic way.

The other three are currently recorded and put aside for a rainy day. I had too many things to do, and couldn't spare the time to watch them, but still, they were nice enough to want to watch some time. Here is my thought on them:

Journeyman - The time-travel idea is nice. Up until episode 5, the episodes were pretty standalone. There was not enough information about why this was happening to him, and I needed something more to connect me with it.

Pushing Daisies - Again, a nice idea. The episodes (the three that I saw) were also nice. That's the thing, they were no more than "nice", and the fact that each one was standing on its own, didn't give me the right incentive to keep on watching.

Reaper - Now, here is a show which I really liked. I liked Bret Harrison in "The Loop", Ray Wise is always great (he will always be remembered by me as Laura Palmers' father), and the sweet Missy Peregrym, who unfortunately lost her job on Heroes. Beside the actors, the show was funny, but after 4 episodes it was beginning to repeat itself. Again, standalone episodes don't do it to me. It is so 80s.

So, when the rainy days come, I will make use of these recordings. Unless you convince me otherwise...

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