Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost 2x01 and 3x01

Writing about Lost yesterday, I can't help remembering the opening episodes for both season 2 and 3. These have the best opening scenes of the best opening episodes for a TV series I have seen (well, at least in the top 5).

Season 2 starts with an unknown person doing ordinary stuff in an ordinary room (or so we think), listening to a song (the wonderful Make Your Own Kind of Music), and then you hear the blast, and Mr unknown rushes for the guns, takes a look, the camera runs through a series of mirrors, until we see our guys.

Season 3 starts with an unknown woman, doing ordinary stuff in an ordinary house (or so we think), listening to a song (the wonderful Downtown). Then the ground shakes, everyone comes out, we see Ethan (who was under the house before), and Ben, we see the plane coming apart, and we understand.

These are such great episodes, that I'm wondering how 4x01 will look. Will they follow the same theme? Well, we have quite a long wait in store for us.

BTW, what triggered this memory is of course 3x16, where there is a flashback to the famous book club scene.

Downtown, things will be great when you're
Downtown, no finer place for sure,
Downtown, everything's waiting for you

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