Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost 3x15-16

OK, these are not new, but I'm watching Lost again from the beginning, preparing for S4 (which I hope is not lost due to the WGA strike). Anyway, I've decided to skip 3x14 (Nikki and Paulo - filler episode), and jump right to 15 and 16. What I like most about these episodes is the character of Juliet. Although her "sad puppy" look can be a bit annoying at times, she is a very interesting character, and I enjoy the episodes which focus on her, and in general, the ones showing the "others" flashbacks.

A few quick notes:

  • In episode 15, why didn't the smoke monster fly over the barrier to get Kate and Juliet?
  • In the same episode, how did Kate get into the dinar without anyone seeing here?
  • Why do the creators need to have these nice moments, where music is playing and you see the characters talking to one another and being very nice and happy?
  • Always nice to see Ethan as a nice guy.
  • The end of 16, where Juliet remembers what Ben has told her, and her lie is revealed to the audience. That is nice!

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