Friday, November 16, 2007

Naughty McCartney part 2

McCartney knows how to create music. He also knows how to perform (seen him myself in London, four years ago).

What he doesn't know is how to create concert movies. Every concert movie he is ever made (after Wings' Rockshow) have had the same basic problems:

  • You mostly see the audience singing.
  • When you see the audience singing, you usually also hear them!
  • The parts which show Paul and the band are usually very jumpy - they don't stay on one angle more than very few seconds.
  • Some of the songs have interviews over them!
  • There are interviews between the songs, which interrupt the flow of the rock show.

I've bought a concert video in the late 80s and a DVD a few years ago. I guess it only got worse!

So, the fans want to see Rockshow on DVD, but they have to settle for illegal VCDs, because it is not made available on DVD. Some of it made it on DVD for Paul's latest DVD ("The McCartney Years"), but only a few songs. I think I will wait for the full version.

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