Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Live Search - xRank

MS have a new feature for their Live Search, which is currently in Beta. It's called Celebrity xRank - they rank celebrities based on the amount of searches. You can search for your favorite celebrity, compare them to others, see trend charts, and so on.

So, I've done a little research, both in the music and TV areas. First we have a showdown between some of my favorite musicians. (drum-roll) And here are the charts:


Musician xRank
Paul McCartney 97
John Lennon 113
George Harrison 437
Ringo Starr 1027
Neil Young 119
Elvis Costello 934


So, the biggest looser here is Ringo, while the winner is Paul McCartney. But surprisingly and sadly, Costello is so near the bottom of the list.

And now, the TV showdown - tonight we have Battlestar Galactica against Lost. I searched the xRank of the main characters, but in both shows, not all of them had an xRank. Both are not running right now, so expect low results:

Actor Character xRank
Tricia Helfer Number Six 1252
Katee Sackhoff Starbuck 2157
Jamie Bamber Apollo 2467
Edward James Olmos Admiral Adama 2550
Mary McDonnell President Roslin  5222
Battlestar Galactica Average 2730
Elizabeth Mitchell Juliet 1253
Matthew Fox Jack 2706
Dominic Monaghan Charlie 4121
Daniel Dae Kim Jin 4553
Terry O'Quinn John 5517
Naveen Andrews Sayid 5884
Lost Average 4006


The winner of the two is BSG (no doubt about it!). The rating of BSGs stars is pretty clear. What is strange are the Lost results, where Juliet (sad puppy look) was ranked higher than anyone by far, followed by Jack, 1500 points away. However, the big mystery is how Juliet is only one point below BSGs favorite Cylon! Coincidence, or not...

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Anonymous said...

Great post -
Love xRank... thanks for the analysis. The Beatles could sure stand to be ranked higher. I think they use search volume to compute rank.