Sunday, November 11, 2007

Favourite Hour

Figure hanging on a leather band
Pa consults the watch he cups in his hand
The jewel movement measures lost and vanished time
Pray for the boy who makes his bed in cold earth and quicklime

So stay the hands, arrest the time
'Till I am captured by your touch
Blessings that don't count
Small mercies and such
The flags may lower
As we approach the favourite hour

This is the source of my blog name, a song by Elvis Costello from the album "Brutal Youth" (the album title actually comes from this song.
He is one of the musicians I most enjoy listening to. His music is so varied, ranging from soft love songs, to rock, new wave, to other genres (some of them I don't even like so much...).

So it happened that I was listening to this song, while thinking of a name for my blog, when I came up with this. It seemed appropriate for a blog which deals with my favourite things (my most favourite and precious things have a blog of their own).

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