Saturday, September 27, 2008

Survivor 17x01 – Gabon in HD

Finally, the moment has arrived! Survivor is a show begging for High-Definition, and finally, after all these years, it has gone HD. The reason was the lower cost of HD equipment nowadays. Apparently, in the harsh territories of Survivor, video equipment doesn’t survive long, so up until now it was too expensive to use HD.

After seeing the two hour special, I can only say WOW! Survivor has never looked better. The scenery, grass, wildlife, insect bites, stitches, never looked better! I’m already looking forward to seeing more gruesome views!

So, you want to see the difference for yourself? Check out these two screen captures (click on the picture to get the original size).


Survivor Standard Definition


Survivor High Definition

So, which one you like better?

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