Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul McCartney – Friendship First – Tel Aviv

I saw Paul on the 25th of September in Tel-Aviv. What a great performance! Even my wife, who is not a known Paul fan loved the show, said it was the best she has ever seen!

The Israeli media was all over him these last few days before the show. News, newspaper, internet, everyone was excited. To the non-Israeli fans, I wanted to show the newspapers the day after the show. A small explanation – as our weekend is Friday-Saturday, and there are no newspapers on Saturday, the Friday newspaper is in a larger format. So enough talking, and let’s see some pictures!


Pic 1: The front page of 3 major Israeli newspapers. The titles read (from left to right"): “Bye Paul”, “Yesterday in Tel-Aviv”, and “Tel-Aviv, Yesterday” (yes, the last two copied from one another :-)


Pic 2: Yediot Aharonot – pages 2 + 3. The title reads “Paul-Mania”


Pic3: Ma’ariv – page 3. “Ahalan Jude” (what Paul called “Hey Jude” in the show)


Pic4: Ha’aretz – page 10 (boo!!!!). “Once in a life time: Tens of thousands watched Sir Paul with sparkling eyes”

Hope these pictures give you some sense on the interest this performance got from the Israeli media.

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