Thursday, August 7, 2008

Saitek X52 Joystick - Setup

Following my last post about the X52, I finally got it today!


My first thought: it's big! They're big! They are taking a lot of space on my desk, and they are too high for comfort, but I will find a solution for that. So, I plugged them in, and the lit up like a Christmas tree. I've already downloaded the driver and software for Vista (I knew I should avoid the ones from the CD), so I setup the driver, which worked great. Next I ran the Profiler software setup... and nothing happened. I ran it again, and got a message that it was overwritten the same files, but nothing happened. After digging up in some forums I understood that the files were just being extracted, and the setup hasn't actually run (and this software is supposed to support Vista). I tried to find the folder where the setup was extracted to, but couldn't find it in Windows Explorer. I only got to it by opening an elevated command prompt, and navigating to c:\windows\temp, a folder which I couldn't get to in an elevated explorer! I copied the setup files to C, and got the software installed.

Next, I tried to load the profiles for IL2 and FSX that I've downloaded from Saitek's web site. Surprise surprise, they only had .dat files which are for the old software. The new software supports another format.

So basically, Saitek's Vista support really sucks!

Tomorrow my task would be to create profiles for IL2 and FSX.

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