Sunday, August 3, 2008

BSG 2x15 - Scar

Scar - Battlestarwiki

An ace Cylon Raider, nicknamed "Scar" by the Viper pilots, has been causing problems for the Fleet. Starbuck and Kat compete to hunt it down while Starbuck pines for "a dead guy".

Watched this episode last night. First DVD set I'm actually watching, and not just buying (hint Babylon 5 hint). It's one of those episodes where you don't get a lot of action. The action is mostly one fight scene, broken up throughout the episode. There is however some good acting, especially on Katee Sackhoff side, although I think Luciana Carro's (Kat) acting is a bit overdone. Anyway, it's one of those things that I like a about BSG, that it's more then just your standard "sci-fi" show, it has more "real" people, and very good acting by most of the cast. So that "lack" of action is not really something you miss here. You just enjoy looking at the characters go at it.

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