Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paul McCartney to perform in Israel

In 2003 I flew to London to see Paul McCartney in Earl's Court. This September, Paul McCartney is flying to Israel to see us!

The only thing I am sorry about is the poor organization in terms of ticket prices and location. The venue is a huge park (Park HaYarkon) which can accommodate up to 70,000 people. There are only three ticket types.

  • Grass - these are not marked, so the earliest you come, the closer you are to the stage. These cost 490 Shekels (~137 USD).
  • Marked sits - elevated marked sits at 1500 Shekels (~420 USD).
  • VIP sits - 5000 Shekels (~1402 USD).

There are two things that annoy me here. The first is that there are too few options for tickets. Assuming the VIP tickets are not for most of us (and you really can't purchase them without knowing someone on the inside), you've only got two options, one three times the other. They should have had something in the middle, perhaps dividing the area into several areas, and price them according to how close they are to the stage.

The second thing that annoys me is that they didn't provide a sitting map of the venue! So yesterday I paid 3000 Shekels for two tickets without actually knowing were the sits were! In fact, according to the map in the Internet ticket office, the marked sits were right in front of the stage (I already knew they weren't, based on articles that I read).

Anyway, today I grabbed a screenshot from a video article on a news web site, and finally I saw the map of the venue, and here it is:



The quality is not that good, but it's better than what we had before! The marked sits (which are elevated) are the two blue areas in the middle of the compound. They are 125 meters from the stage (that's quite a lot for such pricey tickets). The VIP areas are the two smaller blue areas. They are 75 meters from the stage (also too far for 1400 USD!). The grass is... well.... all the green stuff.

Anyway, that's all for my complaints now. I'm going to see Paul on Sep 25th, and I'm happy about it!

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