Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Second Thoughts About Mozy

After being so happy about Mozy, I've noticed that the Mozy Restore process on the MozyHome client was not working OK. The Restore window just closed without restoring any files. I've been on email with their support, but I tried searching for "Mozy Restore" on Google, and found a lot of complaints. I've narrowed it down to results just from this year, and still got quite a few stories of people who had a total meltdown of their system, and then found out that the Web Restore files takes forever to download, if they are downloaded at all. Some people had to resort to the DVD option, where they paid 100$ to get DVDs from Mozy, and some complained that not all of their stuff was on it.
So, I'm now thinking of abandoning Mozy. Instead, I may purchase a second external HD, and do alternating backups, keeping at least one HD offsite (perhaps even both).

Update 1: No word from Mozy support for the last 12 hours. Anyway, I’ve decided to remove Mozy. There goes my $5.

No more online backup solutions in the near future.

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