Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Samsung P2350

Got a new LCD monitor, the Samsung SyncMaster P2350. What a magnificent screen!

First of all, to work with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 is simply great. The amount of space you have makes it really easy to place multiple application in such a way that they are always visible. For example, you can have your browser, IM, Gadgets visible together.

Second, the screen is just great in all other aspects, such as color, sharpness, etc. It’s just great to look at!

Now, playing games on this is something else. Unfortunately, I can’t play Crysis Warhead in full resolution because the FPS is too low, but even with a lower resolution, with the screen size, and it being wide, it's a whole new level of experience.

I still need to check it out with FSX. It should be equally great.

Also checked out some HD video (only 720p) which looked great. I need to get a sample of Full HD content (I hope my machine can handle it).

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