Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24 7x01-02

Spoilers ahead!

Yesterday evening I saw the first two episodes of 27, season 7. Well, I’d never thought I’d say it, but after a year I’ve missed Jack.

What has happened to Jack over this missing year? Well, he’s become more mellow.
What happened to CTU? Disbanded. But the FBI also has moles, so it’s OK.
What happened to to Chloe? She became Janeane Garofalo. Speaking of Janeane, it’s funny to see her here, so serious, and the comment about understanding sarcasm, was quite hilarious.

So, Tony is back. This is no surprise to anyone seeing the promos from last year. The plot isn’t surprising also to anyone who has seen Die Hard (key plot points taken from two Die Hard movies). However, bonus point for not taking down two planes.

Bottom line? Nice action, although sometimes boring in the White House scenes.

I’ll probably see the next two sometime this week (not today though).

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