Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WeGame - Beware of Spam

Just got a message from saying "itai sent you a photo. Want to see the photo?"
As much as I love photos, it seemed to be a little suspicious, so I've searched "wegame" on the web and found some interesting stuff. First of all, if you just search for "wegame" you get their official site, and a few other, safe looking sites. However, if you search for "wegame spam" you get a few more interesting sites. I have not investigated this very thoroughly, but as far as I understand, in order to see the photo you need to sign up, and as part of this process, you may end up emailing everyone on your address book that you have sent them a photo. I don't know how it's done. Perhaps you give them your user name and password for your email, or they may do this in another way.

The main point is that if you get an email from, don't click on any link, even if it's from someone you know.

If I'm completely wrong, please let me know.


Paul said...

I got the same email today. I didn't enter my actual email system password so now everytime I boot up my system I get a pop-up warning "Username and Password don't match" (not exact wording, I don't think).

Adi said...

Wow, so they try to enter your email every time you boot? That sounds bad. Did you install any kind of software as part of the registration process?