Monday, August 17, 2009

Windows 7, Total Commander, Slow Network File Copy

I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 at work, and found out that Total Commander is really slow in network copy operations. When copying or unzipping any amount of files it frequently pauses and makes it impossible to work like this. After finding the usual advises from Vista, and seeing they are not working (Windows copy is OK, BTW), I tried something else. I’ve paused my Antivirus software, which is the new Kaspersky version for Windows 7. Total Commander started working correctly immediately. After playing with the Kaspersky settings a bit, it appears that Proactive Defense is causing this problem. The settings inside Proactive Defense don’t matter. If it’s activated, Total Commander pauses during copy operations.


Danny said...

Thank you, thank you! I have been dealing with slow file copies since installing Windows 7 and had looked all over for a solution. This did the trick!

Adi said...

Glad to have helped! This is why I post these type of posts.

Thanks for sharing your appreciation!