Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lost Rewatch - Season 1 - Pilot Parts 1 and 2

Now that we are waiting for the last season of Lost, I've decided to re watch the 5 seasons, and not just that, but to do watch it with my wife, who has never seen any episodes. I hope she doesn't give up anytime soon...
So, what do I say about the Pilot? It's nothing like the rest of the series. My wife saw it as some kind of a horror story (you know, pilots being snatched from a window, and their bloody body thrown on a tree). It's less character, and more "show", so it makes the characters seem a little bit one-dimensional. It makes sense, as the purpose of the Pilot is to sell the show. The second part was better, and my wife was completely surprised when it was revealed that Kate was the prisoner. She also wondered why Michael knew saw little about his son, though this was revealed later. Basically, she enjoyed the 2nd part better. Hope it only improves over time.

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