Friday, October 3, 2008

HTC Diamond, a month later

About a month ago I got the HTC Diamond Smartphone. After a month I can say that this is the best Smartphone I have ever had. First, for the battery issue that I had, I replaced the battery and the battery life is much better now (around a day and a half of moderate use). The best way to measure success is if it replaces my regular, old cellular phone, and my old phone is resting peacefully in the car for almost a month now! The phone is small and a perfect fit for the pocket. As a phone it works great, and I hardly missed a phone call (Smartphones tend to delay the ring), and it’s not too slow at all. I use it regularly for push-mail, and I haven’t had any hiccups at that end as well. While its camera is not that great, it is certainly enough for a phone. So bottom line, I wouldn’t mind keeping it for a while (that is, until the next hot gadget arrives!).

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