Sunday, January 6, 2008

Desperate Housewives - 4x09

As episode 10 is coming up this week, I've hurried up to see the last two episodes that were waiting for me. In episode 8, the most memorable moment is the one where Victor grabs Gabby by the throat, and says that he remembers everything. It was very creepy. The funny thing is that my wife said at first that he won't remember anything, and then when he said that he doesn't remember, she said that he probably does.

Episode 9 was a very strong one. At the beginning we are promised that one of the four friends would loose a husband. At the end it turns out to be a good thing, as Victor is killed. That was a very nice twist. However, Carlos's money is lost. At the beginning we are also promised that all of them would loose a friend. It's not clear what they mean there. The end is most shocking, when Lynette sees that Mrs. McCluskey's house is gone. That's a very strong finale. I'm glad I've seen it only today, and I don't have to wait for long for the next episode. I am willing to bet though, that nothing will happen to her family.

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